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Fiat lux. Ecce Signum.

Excellence for All.

The Art and Architectural Trust.

The Aims of the Trust are to: Inspire, Encourage and Educate Everyone to appreciate the Visual Arts
and to develop their own potential creativity.

Man is the most creative animal on Earth and yet in the Developed World the majority of us are hardly using our creative faculties, thereby not fulfilling our huge potential as human beings.

We must learn from the past to give more meaning to the present which means learning without prejudice* from all cultures and all people.

*'Prejudice is the reason of fools,' Voltaire.

The essay on C.D. and the Web is taken from the thesis:
Frederic Edwin Church: Rocky Forest Pool '57.
The Light on the Water and the Luminous Evanescent Distance;
Paradise Regained.

Oliver Thiebaud, The Art & Architectural Trust. 1985,1995, 2002.

Fiat Lux. Ecce Signum.
Let there be Light. Look at the Proof.

The A.A.T. have designed this C.D. and Web site as an analytical tool to encourage everyone - from to Students to Art Historians - to look at Rocky Forest Pool 1857 and to help place this exciting lost painting - by America's foremost 19th Century Landscape Painter, Frederic Edwin Church - into the main body of his Wilderness Landscapes.

2003. The owners of this important and truly beautiful painting will be offering it for sale.

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The Curator:

The proceeds of the sale will benefit The A.A.T.
and an Environmental Charity.