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The Light on the Water.

Rocky Forest Pool has a powerful Christian message like the Andes of Ecuador 1855* which,
Dr. Gerald Carr describes as,
A sweeping Christianised Panorama.

Composition and Metaphor

The compositional balance in Rocky Forest Pool 1857 between the Trilogy of the Woods the Water and the Light is more even (than Durand's In the Woods). If the metaphor of the Woodland Cathedral is less obvious, it is more subtle and less threatening - more mystical.

Not so much a Cathedral, more a Way.

There is more light - The Light on the Water and no need to climb over the fallen logs of Durand's In the Woods 1855.

Rocky Forest Pool 1857 reflects less ominously the spirituality of Nature and more the lightness and beauty of it in contemplating 'et in Arcadia ego' - 'and I too lived in Arcadia.' This inscription, on the tombstone of Poussin's painting The Arcadian Shepherds- circa.1655 - was also a reminder of their own mortality and the need to follow the Christian Way.

'A realm where sunshine never scorches and yet shade is sweet,' was how Church's travelling companion Theodore Winthrop described it when they travelled through New England and Maine in the summer of 1856.

Title asterisk *The Andes Of Ecuador 1855
Footnote asterisk * Heart of the Andes 1859