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A New World Vision of a new Promised Land.

In Rocky Forest Pool,
'You see the visible, hear the musical and are stirred by the beautiful
Life in the Open Air, Theodore Winthrop.


Content and Meaning

Although 'the thickets and fallen trees are only minor obstacles to passage' in Durand's In the Woods 1855 there are none in Rocky Forest Pool 1857.

No figure is present, leaving the viewer hovering above the brook to give Witness to a New World Vision of a New Promised Land - the Light on the Water showing the Way.

Church has you - flying a few feet above the water like a celestial being - a magical effect he was to recreate in Heart of the Andes 1859 and Cotopaxi 1862.

He leads you into the scene with the very sound of running water over rocks splashing and babbling. In Rocky Forest Pool 1857 'you see the visible, hear the musical and are stirred by the beautiful.' From, Life in the Open Air by Theodore Winthrop.

'Certain passages are virtual descriptions of paintings, as in this case'.

Winthrop carefully observed Church at work sketching, and painting during the trip and subsequently watched him paint finished Studio pictures in New York.