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Rocky Forest Pool 1857
Church's first Wilderness Painting of the 1850's and his answer to
Durand's In the Woods 1855.

Church has condensed the condensation of nature in this unique painting.
It is his Celebratory

Prayer, Poem and Lesson.*



Since 1973. The Property of a Distinguished Anglo/Swiss Family.

1979. 'Re-discovered' by Oliver Thiebaud of The Art & Architectural Trust after the sale - in 1979 - of The Icebergs 1861 for, $2,750,000 by Sotheby's Parke Burnet, New York.

Before 1973 - In the private collection of an English Duke.

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* The real provenance of this extraordinary work is from the roots and bedrock of Church's Christian belief,

You are the Light of the World.
Let your Light so shine before Men, that they may see your Good Works and
Glorify your Father who is in Heaven.

The New Testament
Gospel according to St Mathew, Chapter V (5). Verses, 14 & 16